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Teen Mom

Which Teen Mom 2 Looked Exactly Like Her Kiddo When She Was a Baby?! (PHOTO)

Jace Evans might just be the cutest kiddo on the Teen Mom block, and now we know why! Turns out this little fella got the majority of his good looks from his mom, Jenelle "Alfredo Addict" Evans — in fact, they're pretty much identical.

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Jenelle is drop-dead gorgeous (those eyebrows, guys … they're just so mysterious), and she was the spitting image of baby Jace back in ye olden days. Also, ye olden days equals the '90s. Check out this adorable side-by-side of Jenelle and Jace — they practically look like twins!

These two have the same hair, the same noses, the same eyes, and the same adorably chubby cheeks. Unfortunately, Jace's outfit isn't nearly as fabulous as Jenelle's, because sadly they just don't make red and white pinafores the way they used to.

Do you think Jenelle and Jace look alike? Not gonna lie, this kiddo barely resembles his father, Andrew Lewis. No wonder that wayward dude was so insistent that he wasn't Jace's real dad! Thank the Ugg gods for paternity tests, right y'all!

02.11.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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