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5 Biggest WTF Moments From Revenge Season 2 Episode 13: “Union”

As thrilled as we were for the return of Revenge Season 2 last night, some things in Episode 13, “Union,” just didn’t add up.

We were willing to overlook the fact that Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke decided to leave their newborn in the care of a jewelry thief. But here were the five biggest WTFs from last night’s episode.

1) Emily’s Password Is “Infinity”

Everyone claims that Emily Thorne is this master Revenger. But if that were the case, she wouldn’t leave a box full of red Sharpie-covered photos and all of David Clarke’s journals lying around her beach house. She also wouldn’t make her computer password “infinity.” We get it, Ems. Your dad loved you infinity times infinity, vandalized your banister, and you tattooed it onto your wrist, but if Fauxmanda can crack your codes, something is seriously wrong with your security system.

2) Amanda Wears White

The only person at Jack and Amanda’s nuptials worthy of wearing white is the chaste, pure, and perfect Baby Carl David. Everyone else at that unholy event was just kidding themselves (we’re looking at you, Declan). But the biggest joke was ex-stripper Mandy wearing one of her most tasteful dresses to date. Like anyone’s buying that.

3) Aiden Crashes Cliffside

Who appears in the distance while Jack and Mandy are saying their “I Do’s”? Oh, just your friendly, neighbor nutjob. Aiden went off the deep end after the loss of his sister, threatened Nolan Ross (oh no, he di-dn’t), and then randomly appeared at the edge of a cliff to watch over Emily during Jack’s wedding. Sweetie, don’t you know that she’s crying over the loss of her childhood sweetheart and some pipe cleaner, not you?

4) Nolan Goes Against Ems in Favor of Pads

It’s as if Nolan has no memory of Tyler “I Like to Tie People Up and Torture Them” Barrol. He learns that Padma’s an Initiative spy, and goes directly against Emily’s warning to tell his Indian lover that he knows what’s going on. “My feelings for you defy logic,” he says. Umm, when did this great romance happen? Nolan needs to stop giving up his heart after one beachside brunch.

5) No One Checks The Amanda For Wayward Seamen

So someone has the time to equip The Amanda with a “Just Married” sign, tons of lights, champagne, and food, but no one takes the time to look in the bow of the boat for Nate Ryan? Classic mixup.

What moments didn’t make sense to you in last night’s episode? Tell us below!

02.12.2013 / 08:30 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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