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The Bachelorette

Arie Luyendyk Jr.: I Feel Bad for the Guy Engaged to Tierra LiCausi

Meet Tierra LiCausi's biggest hater, Arie "s’Hertogenboschian Beauty" Luyendyk Jr. This Bachelorette runner up hasn't been a huge fan of Tierra or her miraculous eyebrows, and as you might expect he's thrilled that Sean Lowe finally cut the cord and let her drift off into the great unknown.

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"Between Tierra screaming about her eyebrow and yelling about how no one can take her 'sparkle,' I immediately felt bad for whoever gave her that ring on Instagram," Arie writes on his Bachelor blog for, referring to Tierra’s recent engagement. "I mean, 'Who would wife that?' (I borrowed that line from the beautiful Selma Alameri). She finally went home and I did an imaginary fist bump to Sean. Good call, my friend!"

In other news, Arie is majorly crushing on AshLee Frazier. "She was so cute with her hair parted in the middle, just like all the girls we fell in love with in middle school," he writes as we feel weird. "She made me really love her. I can tell she is so open and willing to let Sean in. That’s the first step to being crazy in love with someone."

Hear that ladies? Arie likes it when you middlepart your hair. And it also appears that he's a fan of Beyonce. The more you know.