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Bones OMG Moments From Season 8, Episode 15: “The Shot in the Dark”

We finally get to see a different side to Brennan (Emily Deschanel) in Bones Season 8, Episode 15, “The Shot in the Dark” — her insides! But seriously, the logical doc also seemed to crossover to a spiritual netherworld where she dressed in goth-y clothing and drank tea with her dead mom. Here are our biggest OMG moments from the life-or-death episode.

Brennan nearly dies a bunch of times
First, Brennan is gunned down by a mysterious stranger who shot her with a strange weapon that made a “patoo” sound — all while she was wearing those awkward magnifying glasses. Her heart stopped twice. Then she had a reaction to some blood and almost headed for that strange white light again. Finally, she underwent voluntary surgery — which was actually the least risky part of the episode for her.

The killer comes up with a brilliant plan — almost
Blood bullet! It was almost crazy enough to work. Dr. David Batuhan — head of antiquities — decided to take Brennan out in a way only she could solve. The murderer used liquid nitrogen to create a blood bullet, which would presumably leave no trace once it entered her body. Unfortunately, he used his own hemoglobin to create the disappearing bullet, and surgeons were able to extract the evidence from the still-living Brennan. Guess Batuhan had never heard of all of Dr. Jack Hodgins’s brilliant work.

Brennan’s heaven
Apparently, Brennan’s idea of heaven is being trapped in her childhood home with her deceased mother — who still has to go to work everyday? Though she tried to explain it away, Brennan eventually admitted to Seeley Booth that maybe she really did see and talk to her mother in some sort inexplicable way.

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