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Castle Review: What Did You Think of Season 5, Episode 14: “Reality Star Struck”?

Tonight’s Castle wastes no time stirring up the drama for this Valentine’s day episode. In the midst of Castle and Beckett’s back and forth cute-couple banter over Valentine’s day gifts, we meet a reality TV star dead at a bus stop. What a mood killer. We then meet Esposito, Lanie, and a sexually frustrated Ryan, whose wife has him on baby-making duty.

Next we meet the “Wives of Wall Street,” a band of smart savvy business women who are taking the reins while their stockbroker husbands tend to home. Lo and behold, Gates is a fanatic of the show and starts cracking the case with her stalker-fan knowledge of places and people. As the detectives question suspects, breakdown forensics, and crack the case, Castle’s arrogance gets the better of him and in his attempts to be a ninja, he accidentally gives his swanky Valentine’s Day gift to Gates — and potentially jeopardizes his relationship with Beckett!

The case takes several unexpected twists and turns, and the killer was none other than the unsuspecting daughter, who decided to take out the competition when it came to her fiance’s affections. Gates confronts Castle about his absurd attempt at buttering her up, and returns the gift without any suspicion that it was intended for Beckett.

Esposito and Lanie go on a date to a fancy French restaurant, Ryan gets a night off from making love to his wife to … make love to his wife … and Beckett gives Castle the sweetest gift of all: a space in her place just for him. Looks like the couple did get to have some lovey-dovey time after all. Oww!

This episode made my Valentine's Day!

No way, it needed more heat!

02.12.2013 / 09:59 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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