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Teen Mom

Did Adam Lind Steal Money From Chelsea Houska?

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska is suffering from an addiction to Adam Lind's chintee, and the only cure? More leopard print. This gal had a pretty rough relationship with her infamous baby daddy, but little did we know she was financially supporting him during their affair to remember. Yep, Chelsea gave Adam $2,000 so he could buy a truck, and has he paid her back? Not so much.

"She had given him, or he took, or whatever, most of the rest of her money to put into his truck and such," Chelsea's dad, Randy Houska (aka Papa Randilicious) told Dr. Drew during the Teen Mom 2Season 3 reunion special. "She had none left … and it went to a truck. It didn't got to Aubree, it didn't go to this, it didn't go to that. And in the past, it was I'm gonna leave you if you don't get me a four-wheeler."

Adam straight-up denies threatening to leave Chelsea, but judging from the pained expression on her face, it looks like he was definitely using her. So, why did Chel-Chel give her man such a giant stack of dolla dolla bills?

"If we're together, I feel like everything was each other's," she explained. "I guess. As stupid as that might sound."

Sigh, we'll go ahead and file this story under "Reasons to Throw Shade at Adam." The list also includes gems like "He Wanders Around on a Lawnmower" and "His Facial Hair Has Given Us Irreparable Eye Damage."