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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Did Jacqueline Laurita Really Call Teresa Giudice a “Moron” on Twitter? Her Answer May Shock You!

There are many reasons why we love Jacqueline Laurita, and one such reason why we can’t get enough of this H’wife is because she’s never afraid to speak her mind — especially online! Last season, we would often turn to Jac’s Twitter to get her honest thoughts on a particular situation with cast member, and thankfully, she hasn’t changed a bit over the past few months.

Over Feb. 8, she sent out several cryptic tweets, beginning with, “U can 4give a person & start over or 4give them but choose 2 keep that toxic person out of ur life while they look 4 their table flipping moment.”

She continued, “When u argue w/ a moron,u become a moron.U have 2 rise above & remember who & what is really important in life.Some things don't matter. Let it go.”

And while many people thought that — because of the nature of the tweets and the table flipping reference — that Jacqueline was talking about Teresa Giudice, but apparently, that wasn’t the case!

On Saturday, Jac cleared things up (sort of) when she tweeted, “Funny when I used the word ‘moron,’ everyone assumed I was talking about Teresa. That told me everything. :0) Lol! Thanks for the giggle.”

Hmm, so if Jacqueline wasn’t talking about Teresa, then who was she referring to? Maybe one of the potential new cast members — Kim D. or Jennifer Dalton? We can’t be sure quite yet, but tell us your thoughts and theories in the comments below!