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Teen Mom

Did Kailyn Lowry Have Feelings For Jo Rivera While She Was Dating Javi Marroquin?

Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry and her hubby, Javi Marroquin, are happily married and more in love than ever, but the beginning of their relationship was more than a little complicated. Why? Two words: Jo Rivera. Actually, five words: Jo "Bust a Rhyme" Rivera.

Kailyn and Jo have a long history of makeups and breakups, and it looks like she still had unresolved feelings for him while dating Javi.

"I still to this day believe that Jo still plays with the idea of a possibility of a future," Kailyn told Dr. Drew during Teen Mom 2's Season 3 reunion special on Feb. 11, 2013. "I think we're at such a good place right now, it's just hard to say where things are going to go."

It's pretty obvious that Kailyn fantasized about having a family with Jo and Isaac, but nowadays (almost a year since the reunion was taped) she's more than happy being Mrs. Marroquin! And the icing on the cake? Kailyn and Jo are getting along better than ever. It's a win-win!

Although, Jo has yet to have his big break as a rapper, so it's more like a win-win-tragedy.