Julianne Hough “Gets All Giddy” When Ryan Seacrest Does What?! — Exclusive
Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images    
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Dancing With The Stars

Julianne Hough “Gets All Giddy” When Ryan Seacrest Does What?! — Exclusive

At the New York premiere of Safe Haven, we talked exclusively to Dancing with the Stars' alum Julianne Hough all about her lovely man Ryan Seacrest.

Looking completely glowing, Julianne couldn't say enough about her relationship with American Idol's host. However, with her busy acting career and his career with E! and American Idol, not to mention the constant red carpet coverage, it's hard for the two to spend quality time together.

So, if they get an hour together, what exactly are they doing?

"We're usually eating or drinking wine and playing with dogs," she told me Monday night. "Which is why we bike now! I'm like, 'I can't just eat all the time!'"

In addition to biking, Julianne also revealed that she makes Ryan work out, and not just in the gym!

"I make him do sports," she said. "Like athletic sports to keep active! We bike. I make him do like crazy things, like snowmobiling, skiing and stuff like that!"

Aww, it's no surprise that they do so much to keep in shape as they both are constantly showing off their hot bodies. And they're proud of each other for much more than their bodies.

"I'm super proud, he's so proud," she said. "It's really fun being like, away and you see him on TV, like last night and you get all giddy. You know, it's really cute."

Yes, Julianne, it is really cute! We do know!