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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian Vs. The Kardashians: Whose Side Are You On?

There was quite a showdown on the most recent episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, and it was Kim Kardashian against the rest of her family!

Things were going swimmingly as the episode opened. Kim had arranged a dragon boat race as a fun family activity, and everyone seemed pretty pumped. Well, except for stepdad Bruce Jenner, who was miffed that Kim was team Captain and that Scott Disick didn’t want to participate, but we’ll let it slide because being one of your country’s most famous Olympic champions probably makes you a little crazy about sports.

In any event, Kardashians and Jenners had flown to Miami just for the occasion, and it was all happy family fun times...until Kim bailed on the race. And then, people were pissed.

Kim obviously felt terrible to be flaking on her family, so why did she do it? Her boyfriend Kanye West was coming to Miami, she hadn’t seen him in weeks and wanted to make time. Needless to say, her family wasn’t pleased, but they were even angrier when Kim wanted back on the boat because Kanye was busy with meetings.

“We’re your second priority?” sister Kourtney asked. “Yeah you are,” Kim said. “Right now in my life you are.”

So they didn’t let her come back! Bruce had appointed himself the new Captain (duh) after Kim bailed, and he wasn’t having any of her wishy-washiness.

On race day, Kim surprised team Kardashian/Jenner by showing up with her very own team of ringers. They ended up losing, and we hope that ended this weird family feud.

So, whose side are you on here? Did Kim’s family totally overreact to her change of plans, or should Kim not have chosen her boyfriend over her big family event? Let us know what you think!

02.12.2013 / 01:53 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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