Major Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers: Which Character Will Die on “Home”?
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The Walking Dead

Major Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers: Which Character Will Die on “Home”?

They say you can't go home again, but you can. We're going there on Sunday, February 17 when The Walking Dead Season 3 airs Episode 10, "Home," on AMC.

Unconfirmed spoilers have been leaked about the episode and it sounds like "Home" best refers to the prison itself. It’s home base for our heroes and it gets attacked this week, if the spoilers are correct. The prison was home for a long time to Axel, whom we reportedly discover was arrested for an armed robbery using a water gun. (!) The Governor reportedly launches an attack on the prison, and Axel is shot down and killed. If this is true, RIP, Mustache Man. It would fit with the promo out there of Carol using him as a body shield. “Home” could also refer to Woodbury as home to its citizens; also, Rick may see Lori as representing home; and Merle and Dixon have a poignant talk about their troubled pasts at home. On that note, if these spoilers are true, this will be a big character development week for The Dixons.

Here's a play-by-play episode synopsis, based on the rumored spoilers out there:

Major Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers: Which Character Will Die on “Home”?
Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC    

Rick is still seeing Lori: Rick saw a woman in a white dress at the end of Episode 9. That was Lori in her wedding dress. Spoilers say he sees her again on Episode 10 and she (ghost Lori) touches his face. They supposedly kiss. Michonne sees him in that moment, so she knows he's going loco too.

The Governor has plans to attack: Andrea talks to The Governor and, after he compliments her Episode 9 speech, he said as long as the prison people don't disturb Woodbury, they won't be bothered. (LIAR) She says she wants to go see them. Later, The Gov solidifies Milton's loyalty, and says he's not sure where Andrea's loyalties lie. Out in the woods, Merle and Daryl go looking for food, and even though Daryl wants to return to the prison Merle tells him The Governor wants to kill them so they're basically all dead already.

Glenn doesn't want to leave prison: Since Rick's brain is enjoying a time-out, Glenn takes over the group and says he wants to go back to Woodbury to kill The Governor. Michonne agrees. The others don't agree and want to leave the prison before it's too late. Glenn says they can't leave since they have a crying baby and a guy with one leg. So it sounds like it's Glenn's decision that they don't leave the prison at this point. He may come to regret that...

Glenn pushes it with Maggie: Glenn talks to Maggie about what happened in Woodbury. He asks if The Governor raped her and she said no. She confesses that, if she hadn't undressed, The Governor would've cut off Glenn’s hand. After saying that, almost in tears, she asks if he's happy now, to know everything. When he goes to comfort her, she punches him and tells him to leave the cell.

Major Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers: Which Character Will Die on “Home”?
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Great Merle and Daryl scene: Merle and Daryl are arguing over where to go when they hear a scream and a crying baby. They run to a bridge where a Spanish family is fighting some walkers. Merle tries to stop Daryl, who rushes over to help the family. After clearing the bridge, Daryl asks if they're OK, but Merle — being Merle — ransacks their car. The father tries to stop him but Merle takes his gun and continues looting. This is when Daryl aims his crossbow on Merle (as we've seen in promos) and allows the family to leave. Merle yells at Daryl for risking his life for strangers. They have an argument, and Daryl talks about his child abandonment and how Merle lost his hand because of his own nature. Merle attacks Daryl and discovers scars on his little brother’s back. Merle says he didn't know, but Daryl says that he knew because Merle had them as well, and that's why he left first. Daryl leaves for the prison. Merle says he can't follow because of what he did to Glenn and Michonne (not to mention abducting Maggie) but Daryl asks if he's just going to leave him again.

Now Hershel is in charge? Glenn readies to leave Woodbury. Hershel thinks it's a bad idea and Glenn said Hershel is the next leader. (You mean the guy with one leg?) Hershel finds Rick and tells him how much they need him. Glenn can't be the new leader — he's ready to go to war. Rick said Hershel has to be the leader. Rick tells Hershel about his Shane and Lori visions. Hershel wants Rick to rest, but he won't.

Major Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers: Which Character Will Die on “Home”?
Credit: AMC via YouTube    

Attack on the prison! Carol and Axel have a moment together. She teaches him how to use a gun, since he was supposedly arrested for armed robbery, but it was with a water gun. Later, when they are still talking and flirting, Axel calls Carol a lady ... then suddenly he gets a bullet in the head and it kills him. The Governor and his men are attacking the prison! Martinez immobilizes Rick outside and Hershel hides in the bushes. Carl and Beth also hide behind the bleachers. Michonne takes refuge in the bus. Carol uses Axel's body as a body shield to block the bullets, which we saw in one of the promos.

Zombie action!: According to the spoilers, one of the Woodbury guys takes control of the prison guard towers. Michonne exchanges fire with The Governor. At some point, a van crashes straight into the fences and opens, releasing walkers into the courtyard. Rick yells for people to return to the prison. Maggie kills the sniper in the tower. Walkers appear in the forest, drawn to the shooting. The Governor and his men leave. Hershel is surrounded by walkers, but Glenn and Michonne appear and help him. Meanwhile, Rick is out of bullets and is struggling with walkers. He looks like he's about to be overtaken when — HERO ALERT! — suddenly, an arrow goes through the head of a walker. It's like a Helm's Deep in The Lord of the Rings as The Dixon Brothers come running. Both Daryl and Merle kill walkers attacking Rick. Everyone ends up safe, except for the dead Axel. But walkers now roam the grounds and they've lost so much of what they had. They realize they are at war.

What do you think of that general roundup? Sound good? Hope it's true? Hope it's false? Poor Axel, if it's true. Are they just making room for the new prison newbies?

(Note: A detailed episode synopsis was e-mailed to us, but it's also posted on a forum we're purposely not naming to hopefully avoid them getting into trouble and not having future spoilers.)

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