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Nashville’s Michiel Huisman: 5 Things You Need to Know About Liam

Liam McGuinness –– otherwise known as Michiel Huisman.

This dashing gent has been in the industry for years, and we've rounded up five things you need to know about him! You know, other than the fact that he and Rayna (Connie Britton) hook up during this week's episode of Nashville, and presumably birth a fleet of illegitimate love children with incredible musical chops.

1. He's From The Netherlands
Michiel hails from the small town of Amstelveen in the Noord-Holland province of The Netherlands. Knowing that, we're even more impressed by his Nashville twang!

2. He Had A Starring Role In Treme
You might remember Michiel as Sonny on HBO's Treme. You know, the street musician from New Orleans? Basically, he rocked an even scruffier beard and was addicted to drugs. Much like Nashville's Deacon Claybourne (Charles Esten), whose drug of choice is currently sparkling water.

3. He's Married With Children
Sorry, ladies — Michiel is a taken man! He and his wife, Dutch actress Tara Elders, are happily married and have an adorable five-year-old daughter named Hazel Judith.

4. He's A Musician
Sigh, Michiel is such a renaissance man. Not only does he rock out on Nashville, he's a professional guitar player and writes his own music IRL, too. In fact, he released his first album (Luchtige Verhalen) back in 2005.

5. He Started Acting At The Wee Age Of 10
Michiel has been acting practically since he was out of diapers (some kids wear diapers super late, mmmkay?), presumably working on his smolder while conversing with classmates. He got his first professional gig was in a Dutch TV series Voor Hete Vuren, which loosely translates to "For Hot Fires." Get it, Michiel!

Bonus: You can see him naked here. NSFW. For real, guys. He bares more than his soul.

Source: IMDb, HBO

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Credit: Katherine Bomboy-Thornton / ABC    

02.12.2013 / 01:49 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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