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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Should Be Spencer’s Valentine?

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we’re wondering if the Pretty Little Liars have any plans. Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) love life has been less than ideal since she discovered that boyfriend Toby (Keegan Allen) is actually part of the “A” team. Who do you think she should spend her Valentine’s day with?

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Are we ready to write Spoby off completely? Admittedly, Toby is not looking like the best Valentine option right now. Since Spence figured out he has been working with the “A” team, he has gone AWOL and, at the very least, a Valentine should be present for the special day. And, though there could be more to his story (maybe he is still working with Mona and the red-coated figure because he wants to help Spencer?), so far he is not interested in telling it.

Still, Spoby has been through so much together! Who can forget when Toby told Spencer that “pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do” in Season 2, Episode 25: “UnmAsked”? Or when Spencer kissed Toby in front of her disapproving mother way back in Season 1, Episode 21: “Monsters in the End”?

We’re still holding out hope that the Spoby storyline doesn’t end with betrayal, but rather with these two crazy kids working it out. What better time than Valentine’s Day?

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Wren (Julian Morris) was Spencer’s first real love interest in the show and has a habit of swooping in whenever Spencer hits a rough patch. Their chemistry brought them together in the first season despite the fact Wren was engaged to Spencer’s sister. The timing has never really been right for these two, but now that Spencer is single and Wren is working at Rosewood Community Hospital, he might make an excellent Valentine - if even for the British accent alone!

Academic decathlon teammate Andrew (Brandon W. Jones) is the newest addition to Spencer’s potential Valentine list, but the two have apparently known each other since they were kids. We first saw him in Season 3, Episode 15: “Mona-Mania!” when he encouraged Spence to kick Mona’s butt in the team captain question-off. At the time, Spencer was still involved with Toby, but these two shared a certain brainy chemistry. Andrew and Spencer dated in the books, and Brandon dished to Wetpaint last month that things would be heating up between the two. Maybe this Valentine’s Day, Spencer should opt out of the drama of a Spoby or Wrencer reunion and keep things fun and casual with teammate Andrew.

Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    

Considering Spencer’s recent dating track record, perhaps it would be best if she took some time to herself this Valentine’s Day. She has been super stressed lately. Maybe she could curl up with a good book or partake in a soothing bubble bath? We think Spencer deserves a nice quiet night in (that doesn’t involve crying into a box of Spoby memorabilia).

Who do you think Spencer’s Valentine should be? Let us know in the comments below!

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