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Teen Mom

Teen Pregnancy Rates Hit Record Low! Is Teen Mom Teaching Girls to Wait?

MTV’s Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2, Teen Mom 3, and 16 and Pregnant shows have been (and continue to be) under fire for allegedly glorifying teenage pregnancy. Many have made claims that the show encourages teen pregnancy, but could it be that American girls learning their lesson from these Teen Moms?

Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout retweeted today that teen pregnancy has plummeted to a record low, dropping 8 percent in a year. The study, done by the National Center for Health Statistics, says it appears that teenage girls (and guys) are being more responsible and taking preventative measures when they get it on. And from watching shows like Teen Mom, it’s easy to understand why.

Since 2009, MTV’s Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant franchise has popped out a whopping 46 preggo girls with their share problems from angry grandparents-to-be and unprepared new parents, to teens unable to finish their educations and struggling to support themselves.

In response to the good news, one fan of the show tweeted that “All the Teen Mom's and 16 & Pregnant girls definitely had an impact! This in NO way glorifies Teen Pregnancy/Parenting!

Another fan simply thanked contraception: “thank you morning after pill!”

Researcher Laura Lindburg thinks it can also boil down one thing: “It may be hard to get pregnant if you are living in your parents’ basement.” With the economy the way it is, even adults on their own think twice about having children!

So whether you think that Teen Mom may or may not have an effect of the amount of teen moms in the U.S., we’re just happy that these young girls and guys are waiting until the moment is right.

Do you think that MTV's Teen Mom shows have had an impact on teen pregnancy? Let us know below!

Source: TodayHealth

02.12.2013 / 04:04 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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