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The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s Lesley Murphy: 7 Things You Need To Know

The Bachelor has officially started, which means Sean "Stud Muffin" Lowe is finally going on dates with the troop of sexy ladies living in Chris Harrison's love shack! Sean has 24 women to choose from, but one blondie-locks in particular has caught his eye: Lesley Murphy!

Lesley and Sean have already broken the Guiness World Record for longest on-screen kiss, but there's more to this gal than lipgloss and tonsil hockey. Check out 5 things you need to know about Les before she makes her triumphant on-screen kissing debut!

1. She's From Our Nation's Capitol!
Lesley hails from Washington DC, where she works as an executive assistant to Democratic strategist Paul Tewes. Sounds fancy — hope Sean likes his ladies with a side of politics!

2. She Interned for CNN
ABC already got their mitts on Leslie's job bio, but Politico accessed a cached version (which has since been deleted) and found out that she “interned at CNN in Los Angeles to help provide continuous news reports of major world events and breaking news stories.” Woah, this is some hard-hitting stuff, ya'll.

3. She's All About Barack
Lesley campaigned for POTUS Barack Obama in Athens, Georgia back in 2008, where she organized a grassroots program to encourage locals to vote. Yes she can, guys! Get it? Political humor is where it's at.

4. She Has Two (Count 'Em!) Degrees
This 24-year-old bombshell has a B.A. in Broadcast News and a B.S. in Psychology — both from University of Georgia. We have a feeling that psychology might come in handy around Chris Harrison. Poor man needs all the help he can get.

5. She's Super Smart — According To Her Dad
Lesley's dad, Dr. Murphy, is one proud papa! He boasts that his little gal “is really the complete package. She has her mom’s good looks. She’s done well academically at Southside and at Georgia. She is completely comfortable in any social arena, and a blast to be around.” Awww, sounds like Sean is in for a treat!

6. Her Biggest Dating Fear Is Lack of Communication
Lesley is a social butterfly, so it makes total sense that her biggest fear on a date is “talking to a brick wall.” Luckily, Sean is ripe with poetic musings, so she's in good hands.

7. She Had An Idyllic Childhood
Lesley says that her "childhood was perfect," thanks to the "love and care" of her parents. Sean is also a family man, so we have a feeling these two will be a match made in Chris Harrison Heaven.

Source: SW Times / Politico

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02.12.2013 / 06:33 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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