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Jersey Shore

Deena Nicole: “I Haven’t Spoken” to Jersey Shore Cast Since the Reunion — Exclusive

Turns out, we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed Jersey Shore star Deena Nicole’s classy new look. The former meatball, who’s looking more chic and svelte than ever these days, was asked to walk the runway in the first annual Reality of Fashion/Reality of AIDS charity event on Feb. 9.

Before she hit the catwalk in a sexy number by designer Dominique Auxilly, we chatted with Deena backstage — and were surprised to hear she doesn’t talk to her former castmates as much as we thought. She does, however, have big plans with boyfriend Chris Buckner in the works, which she was happy to share with Wetpaint Entertainment!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Who do you keep in touch with the most out of the Jersey Shore cast?
Deena Nicole: To be honest, I haven’t spoken to most of them since the reunion. I speak to Nicole here and there, and I’m seeing Pauly on March 9. I’m going to come out and support him when he DJs at Harrah’s. But other than that, I’ve just been doing my own thing.

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Do you spend most of your time with your boyfriend?
Yeah, with Chris. My favorite nights are going out with him. We have the best time. He gets me in a way I think a lot of other people sometimes don’t. He’s my best friend. We can laugh about anything.

Any update on when you two will move in?
I would say definitely sometime in the next year. It’ll happen — we’re taking our time.

What else do you have going on?
I have a fashion line coming out called Shore Couture. It’s going to be for girls like me, who are curvier. And I have a hair product, Whisper, that I’m excited about, too.

So, a lot of good stuff?
A lot of good stuff!

Are you surprised that Deena doesn’t keep in touch with the cast? Sound off below!