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Teen Mom

Did Chelsea Houska’s Dad Randy Diss Jenelle Evans on Twitter?

Emotions ran high during Teen Mom 2's Season 3 reunion show on Monday, Feb. 11. The entire cast hopped on Twitter to share their reactions to the 2-hour event, including Chelsea Houska's dad Randy, who surprised fans when he tweeted about co-star Jenelle Evans.

"So far, TM2 has been a great experience," he said. "The crew, the teen moms, their family and friends: all good. @PBandJenelley_1 - you are the wild card."

Whoa, there! Did Papa Randilicous just diss our girl Jenelley?!

"Not at all," he responded to a fan who asked if he was throwing shade at the 21-year-old mom of baby Jace.

So what did Randy mean by the comment? While he didn't elaborate, we're going to assume he was simply commenting on Jenelle's unpredictability. Considering she got married, pregnant, separated, and suffered a miscarriage all within a two-month span, we kinda understand where he's coming from.

Do you think Randy was out of line with his "wild card" comment about Jenelle? Dish it below!