Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, Episode 15 Promo: 6 Things We Learn
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, Episode 15 Promo: 6 Things We Learn

We're constantly looking for clues about what's coming up next on Grey's Anatomy Season 9, and what better source of info than the promos themselves?

We've taken a close look at the preview for Season 9, Episode 15: "Hard Bargain" and there's some exciting stuff going on. Here’s what we gathered from our frame-by-frame analysis:

Could the hospital be closed? The promo seems to begin with Dr. Cahill saying "I am proposing that we close this hospital," though after listening to it closely, we don't think that the "I am proposing that we close" and "this hospital" are from the same scene — the "I am proposing we close" part looks like it's from the scene in Season 9, Episode 12: "Walking on a Dream" where Cahill talks about closing the ER.

Will buying the hospital work? We see the docs from the lawsuit huddled together outside. Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) says "we have to stop them," but Derek (Patrick Dempsey) warns "there's not enough time."

At least two meetups. It looks like we'll be seeing the core group of lawsuit docs debate a lot. There's at least one scene with them outside in the storm, and another where they're inside.

Arizona vs. Derek. "Everything that you've done has actually made things worse!" Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) shouts, apparently at Derek.

Derek resigns. "I'd like to tender my resignation, effective immediately," Derek says to Owen (Kevin McKidd).

A big storm. This is presumably just atmospheric, but there seems to be a big storm hitting Seattle this episode. Our guess is the storm brewing outside is representative of the emotional one brewing among the docs.

Watch it yourself below!

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