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Teen Mom

Is Courtland Rogers Allowed to Contact Jenelle Evans?

Courtland Rogers has been released from the hospital (where he was on suicide watch due to his breakup with estranged wife Jenelle Evans), and we're thinking it's only a matter of time before he tries to make contact with Teen Mom 2's resident Alfredo guzzler.

Jenelle and Courtland split after having a huge fight that resulted in Courty allegedly assaulting her, and Jenelle recently took out charges against him. But does this mean they can't legally be in contact?

“That’s probably what the magistrate says, by you taking these charges out, you are not to have any contact with him,” Jenelle's lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, tells Hollywood Life. “Once he is served, that’s when they normally say, ‘You are not to have any contact with this person.' And if it’s found out if he is attempting to contact her, he can actually be charged with a separate offense, a contempt hearing, if he violated a court order, which is not to have any contact with her.”

Keep in mind that Courtland hasn't been served yet, so he could still legally contact Jenelle. However, being in communication certainly wouldn't be in either of their best interests, and so far Jenelle has made the wise decision of staying out of her ex-husband's way!

Source: Hollywood Life