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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans’s Baby Daddy Can’t Visit Jace Because There’s a Warrant For His Arrest!

Jenelle Evans's baby daddy Andrew Lewis finally graced us with his presence during Teen Mom 2's Season 3 reunion on Feb. 11, which made us wonder — why go all the way to New York City to see Jace when you can just drive up the coast from Florida to Oak Island? Well, ladies and gents, there's a darn good answer!

Turns out there's an active warrant for Andrew's arrest in great state of North Cackalacky! During the Season 3 reunion, Jenelle's wayward baby daddy came clean about his backlog of child support payments. And according to Jenelle, the aspiring model has yet to pay up!

"The child support goes to my mom," Jenelle explained to Wetpaint Entertainment in an exclusive interview this past November. "I pay child support, too. I pay $130 a month. Me and my mom agreed on that a month versus Andrew, who has to pay $356 because he doesn't contribute anything and I do. I'm there for my son and he isn't."

Although Andrew did at one point keep up with payments, he's currently behind by roughly $7,000 — a criminal offense in the good ol' USoA. Should Andrew cross the N.C. state border, he'll be opening himself up to a whole host of legal problems, including possible jail time.

Jenelle and her mom Barbara have the option of bringing Jace down to Florida, of course, but remember that Andrew hasn't made any type of effort to be a part of his son's life. In fact, he took off immediately after Jace was born and refused to visit even after learning he was the biological father.

If Andrew wants to have any sort of relationship with his son, he has only one option — pay up! Do you think he ever will? Sound off below!