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Kate Middleton Baby Bump Bikini Photos: Is the Outrage Hypocritical?

Does being "royal" make you more special than any other person in the public eye? There's a debate going on about the appropriateness, or lack thereof, of posting bikini photos of the pregnant Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) while she was vacationing on a private island. Palace spokespeople said they were disappointed that the photos were published, calling it "a clear breach of the couple's right to privacy."

A People magazine rep was on Good Morning America today, saying they declined to print the photos. GMA also blurred them out to protect the royal couple's privacy.

But is a bikini photo on a beach really the same as snapping topless photos outside a private home, which was the big scandal over the summer? Mustique is a "private" island, but it’s not like the royal family owns it, and they are not the only famous people to vacation there. It's not really that private.

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Bikini is not topless. And how many times a day do we see paparazzi photos of other celebs in bikinis on beaches? They don't all ask to be photographed, especially when the pics turn out to be unflattering. They may not be out on "private islands," but modern celebs deal with paps in their private spaces all the time. Miley Cyrus just taped a photographer who was following her down the street outside her home while she was walking her dogs.

Supermarket tabloids love to post photos of stars without makeup or with cellulite. It's gross, but you don't hear a lot of outrage about it, like the current "LEAVE HER ALONE!" about Kate Middleton. Is it because she's a "princess"? It does seem a bit hypocritical to bash the baby bump photos, especially since any mention of them seems to get fans interested. That interest in everything she does is exactly why the photos were taken.

This is part of the trade-off of being famous in this modern age. You get money, fame, and fan worship, but you have to put up with the increased interest in your life. That said, nude or topless photos taken by zoom less into a private residence — that's a different story. From here, anyway. What do you think? If they shouldn't do it to Kate, should people be just as upset when they do it to another celeb? Where is the line, to you?

02.13.2013 / 07:12 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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