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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Who Should Be Aria’s Valentine?

Unlike any of the other Pretty Little Liars, Aria (Lucy Hale) has been into the same guy since day one. Ezra (Ian Harding) is sweet, but maybe it’s time for change? Let’s talk a look at Aria’s Valentine’s Day options.

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Ok. There’s a reason Ezra has been around since day one: he’s sweet, gorgeous, and totally devoted to Aria...That is until he found out about his son. Now, Ezra wouldn’t be the guy we all know and love if he didn’t change his life to be there for his child, but the question remains: Where will Ezria rank now that Ezra Jr. is in the picture? We’re not saying Aria can’t handle spending some time as #2, but the girl is still in high school. We know she’s mature for her age, but that doesn’t mean she should have to deal with play dates on Valentine’s Day.

Team Wes!
Ezra’s baby brother, Wesley (Greg Sulkin), has been spending more time with Aria since Ezra’s son came into the picture. Wes is like an Ezra 2.0 - with all of the same features of his older brother, but closer to Aria’s age and with none (fine...less) of the baggage. On the other hand, Wes is currently staying at Ezra’s apartment, and nothing kills the mood like having the big brother/ex-boyfriend come in to find you’re using his candles for your romantic candlelit dinner.

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We already know Aria has a thing for older men, and Aria and Jason (Drew Van Acker) shared a certain chemistry in Season 2. These two haven’t gotten much alone time since they shared a kiss in Season 2, Episode 9: “Picture This” that Aria eventually stopped because she was still involved with Ezra at the time. Now that things are a bit rockier in Ezria Land, could the timing finally be right for...Arson? Besides their terrible couple name, there is the complication that Jason is Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) half-brother, which could make things awkward, and the fact that we’re still not entirely sure Jason didn’t have something to do with Ali’s death...but if that kept people off of the Valentine List, then the Liars wouldn’t be able to date anyone!

Anyone remember Holden (Shane Coffey)? Yeah, he hasn’t gotten much play since Season 2, but way back then he went above and beyond as Aria’s beard so she could date Ezra. Sure, he got something out of it, too (he was able to practice martial arts against his parents’ wishes) but convincing Aria’s parents that she and Holden were actually dating always seemed like more of headache than convincing Holden’s.

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Holden would make make an excellent Valentine option for Aria based on his martial arts training alone. He’s already employed them to save Aria once and given her recent bad luck on holidays (she almost died on Halloween), Aria needs all of the help she can get. On the other hand, Holden does have a heart condition and dating one of the Liars is not for the faint-hearted. For Holden’s sake, maybe it’s best if he and Aria just stay friends.

It’s common knowledge that Spencer is a mess right now. We recently theorized that it might be best for Spencer if she spent Valentine’s Day alone this year, but, on second thought, maybe Spence should have some supervision? We can think of no one better for the job than BFF Aria. We think Spencer and Aria would make excellent Valentine’s Day dates for one another. They could watch black-and-white films, eat organic popcorn, and discuss the merits of the classic Hollywood era.

Who do you think Aria should spend her Valentine’s Day with? Post in the comments below!

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