Lisa Vanderpump Calls Friendship With Kyle Richards “Worth Saving”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Lisa Vanderpump Calls Friendship With Kyle Richards “Worth Saving”

We don’t see Lisa Vanderpump as the type to hold a grudge, but she definitely places value in loyalty — especially when it comes to her friends.

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Lisa called out Kyle Richards for not defending her when Camille Grammer claimed the restaurateur didn’t own SUR. Lisa even brought up Adrienne Maloof’s accusations from the Season 2 reunion that Lisa was selling stories gossip websites, saying that Kyle should have had her back.

In her Bravo blog, Lisa explains why she values patching things up with her fellow housewife.

“In regard to Kyle, I always believed that whatever has transpired between the two of us, our friendship was always worth saving,” Lisa wrote. She explained that certain interactions can always change a friendship, for better or worse, but it doesn’t make her petty or vindictive.

Now if that is interpreted by her as me holding a grudge, then I do not have the power to change that,” Lisa writes.

As independent as Lisa is, she admits that the support of friends is invaluable when facing any difficult situation.

“When you really hold a friend close, you need that reassurance that if all goes awry then they will support you,” she wrote. “I rarely need it, as I am a strong but sensitive woman with an emotionally uncomplicated life. But I value that quality and will always repay it.”

Moral of the story? Stick up for Lisa and you won’t regret it. Stay silent, and you might not hear the end of it!

Source: Lisa Vanderpump’s Bravo Blog