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Woman Delivers 10-Pound Baby on the Same Day She Finds Out She Is Expecting

When I got pregnant, I was keenly aware of the baby growing inside my ever growing body. I got fat everywhere — sorry, I’m not supposed to say that. I got pregnant everywhere — from my double chin down to my bloated belly, there was no denying something was living inside of me, and it wasn’t just McDonald’s.

Well, apparently Linda Ackley was one of those unsuspecting moms who didn’t actually know she was pregnant until the very last minute. And we mean the very last minute. According to Michigan’s, just hours after Linda found out she was expecting, she delivered!

Linda went to the doctor due to bloating in her 40-week pregnant belly abdomen, only to find out that she was due to give birth about three or four weeks later. After a second ultrasound, she was told she was full term or more and needed an emergency C-section.

“Some people have nine months to prepare. I had (15) hours,” her husband, Mike, told

Linda gave birth to her first child, a healthy baby girl that they named Kimberly Kay Ackley. And get this: She weighed over 10 pounds.

Imagine going into see your doctor for stomach pain and coming out with a 10 pounds, 1 ounce baby girl? Talk about getting your world rock-a-bye-babied!


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02.13.2013 / 07:37 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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