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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Season 12 Recap: Hollywood Week Round 3 – 2/13/2013

Step aside guys, it’s time for the American Idol 2013 Hollywood Week rounds for the ladies! The men had their chance to make it to the Top 40 last week, now it is time for the women to prove they have what it takes to be the American Idol Season 12 winner. Who will have their dreams of making it to Vegas Week crushed tonight? Join us for our live American Idol recap of here at 8 p.m. ET!

Just like last week on American Idol 2013, the contestants tonight will be faced with two daunting ‘sudden death’ elimination performances. First up, the girls will go out in lines to sing an a cappella song in front of American Idol judges Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson.Those who survive will move on to the infamous group phase, known as a hotbed for crazy drama, diva behavior and nervous breakdowns.

After each group performs, the American Idol judges will decide which members of the group will stay and who will go home. Those lucky few who are selected to move on will have to return to the stage tomorrow night for a solo performance with a live band before the judges make their final picks for the Top 20 girls. BTW, if you just can't wait to find out which ladies will make it through to the Top 40, you can get the scoop on which guys and girls will be going to Vegas Week here.

So far, from what we’ve seen during auditions and in our American Idol spoilers for Season 12, it looks like the guys are in for some major competition from the ladies. Will the “girls run the world” during American Idol 2013? Find out with us in our live recap of the first round of the ladies’ Hollywood Week -- starting right now!

(Please be sure to refresh the page for the latest updates and performance videos in our live American Idol recap!)

Here we go!

Host Ryan Seacrest says we’ll witness some of the best female performances seen in years... and some of the craziest drama EVER during the girls’ Hollywood Week.

Up first in front of the judges is Mariah Pulice, whose struggle with anorexia was featured during her original audition. Her sister watches from the wings while her voice soars sweetly over the auditorium. Angela Miller is in the first group as well, and her performance is equally as delightful to listen to. Victoria Acosta is the third girl from the group to sing for the judges and she sounds lovely, but her voice is a bit shaky in places.

The girls are told this season the group round will be different. The producers will be choosing the groups this time instead of the contestants. It’s obvious that some of these ladies are not at all pleased with who they’ve been shoved in a team with.

The first big drama comes in Kez Ban’s group comes after she says she will “fight to the death” to get to sing “California Dreamin’” instead of some [puke sound] song. Zoanette Johnson is not happy with her group either. They are all "country singers" she says, and that is not her style at all.

As the groups end rehearsals and go off to bed, Kez Ban is still having serious clash problems with her 'Misfits' group. The other girls in her group are totally freaked out by Kez and really afraid she’s going to bring the whole group down. Kez talks about missing dinner and the vocal coach is like, no, you need to rehearse. Kez decides to abandon her group and go find some food. The other girls give up and go to bed with plans to rehearse more in the morning.

The next morning, Kez Ban asks the cameras to please leave her alone because she is “not a morning person,” which might just be the understatement of the year. She is looking rough.... At this point the Twitter crowd is really starting to think Kez Ban must be a plant, because no one can be this intentionally weird and actually make it this far in the competition without help.

The first group up in front of the judges, the Swagettes, features one of the early favorites so far in the competition, Candice Glover, along with Melinda Ademi, Denise Jackson, and Kamaria Ousley. These girls could probably make it as a group on The X Factor if they had a mind to! Thankfully, all four of them are going through to the next round after a fabulous performance.

Lending weight to my theory American Idol is totally into the idea of another Carrie Underwood this year, the next group, Raisin' Cane, features four country cuties (Lauren Mink, Morgan Leigh Boberg, Brandy Hotard and another girl I didn't catch) going all kinds of Nashville on the stage. Their performance prompts Nicki Minaj to tell them, in perhaps the worst Southern accent ever, that they are all going through to the next round.

Angela and Victoria are selected to go through to the group round, but Mariah fails to make the cut. Frankly, I think her performance was better than Victoria’s, but the American Idol judges felt differently. She is the first in a montage of sad cuts, including ‘Blondie’ Ashley Smith, newlywed Ann Difani and Super Bass girl Sarah Restuccio.

Now it’s time for country singers Rachel Hale and Janelle Arthur to go head to head in the next group in front of the judges. Will the judges want both of them to move on to group phase, or is there only room for one country queen? Of the two, I’m loving Rachel more, but Janelle sounds fabulous as well, even if her song choice seems a bit weaker.

Mariah Carey giggles a bit at the tears from Janel Stinney in the next group, The Dramatics, after she loses it on stage while Nicki is critiquing the performance. Although all of the ‘Dramatics’ girls kind of mess up all the way through, forgetting words and failing to harmonize properly, the judges decide to pass all of them through to the next round. Congrats to Kriss Mincey, Janel, and Cristabel Clack.

Mariah says it was a tough judging moment and calls Janelle and Rachel to both step forward out of their group. None of the other girls in their group are picked by the judges.

Now we have Candice Glover, who Nicki Minaj said she wanted to ‘skin and eat’ after her original audition. From the look on the judges’ face tonight, it looks like they all may want her as a buffet after her a capella performance! Also in this group is Megan Miller, the girl who skipped surgery to audition for American Idol 2013. Unfortunately, she sounded better when she was wearing her leg cast.

In a brief montage of much better performances, the judges give a go ahead to Shubha Vedula, Sarina Joi Crowe, and Aubrey Cleland. They are followed up by a disappointing performance by Seretha Guinn, a girl Nicki Minaj called a “superstar” during her initial audition. At the end of the song, Keith Urban asks if it is finished, and Mariah Carey replies that she “hopes so.” Nicki says Tenna Torres put the other three girls to shame. From this group, Seretha is asked to step forward. Nicki says she is the only one from the ‘Urban Hues’ group they are choosing... to send home today.

The judges have made their decisions. Keith Urban calls Candice forward with two other girls and they are going to group round. Megan, sadly, heads home empty handed. A whole slew of ladies go through, and Ryan says Idol has never seen a group of girls so talented. One of those amazingly talented women is Isabelle Pasqualone, who has gone by so many names so far, now they seem to have given up and are just calling her by her first one. She manages to impress the judges yet again and will now have to endure the torture of group round.

Perhaps the quirkiest of the female contestants on American Idol Season 12 is street performer and fire dancer Kez Ban. She has been screaming for her favorite fellow contestants all day and she needs somewhere to go yell for 30 seconds and stretch out her voice. She doesn’t get it though, as she is shoved out on stage with her group. She promises the judges she is “working on getting a cold, so wait for the crack” and she isn’t lying. Her voice is strained and way off.

Briana Oakley also sounds not quite on with her performance either, but her smile does a lot to make up for her moments of being a little off pitch.

The most oddly named group of the night so far is the ‘Poo-Snaps’ or ‘Pooh-Snaps’ -- either way, it’s just strange. mjsbigblog is calling them the 'Two-Snaps' but I swear that's not what is sounded like. Thankfully, they are far more ‘snap’ than ‘poo’ in their performance and Zoanette Johnson, Erin Christine, Lauren Bettes and Isabelle of the one name give a great performance. From the Poo-Snaps, Lauren is the only girl who will be going home. The other three are put through to the solo round.

The American Idol 2013 judges don’t seem to care about their voices being a little rough tonight, because Kez, Briana and their whole group is moved on to the group round. In all, 72 girls will have to enjoy the hell of singing in groups together.

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The second weirdest group name of the night belongs to Handsome Women, composed of Liz Billis, Shira Gavrielov, Alisha Dixon, and Courtney Calle. They apparently had a very rough night and did not manage to mesh at all. In particular, the other girls seem to think Liz is a diva. They have chosen to butcher Gotye’s “Somebody I Used To Know” -- something that seems be a theme of the evening. Not a single one of these girls can stay on pitch at all. They are all absolutely horrible!

The judges decide to go with the lesser of all evils and the only girl going through to the next round is the diva, Liz. Shira goes back in front of the judges and wants an explanation from the judges about why she was cut. Randy and Mariah tell her she just didn’t give a great performance. Shira won’t stop arguing with them, but Randy says it is their opinion that matters, not hers.

The group For You originally chose “Total Eclipse of the Heart” as their song, but they decided to change it up at the last minute and do, oh no, “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. They have actually written lyrics on their hands... this is so not a good idea. I think the Gotye curse is about to continue.

The only girl who seems to know the words, according to Randy Jackson, was Holly Miller. Alex Delaney forgets her lyrics so badly, she seems to stare at her hand for a solid 10 seconds. Stephanie Schimel and Holly manage to make it through to solo day. Alex and Kalli Therinae end up going home.

This terrible performance leads to a montage of ladies who think they can fool the judges by writing their lyrics on their hands. One girl wrote lyrics all the way up her arm. She belongs to the last country group of the evening, The Dolly Chicks, comprised of Britnee Kellog, Brandy Neely, Haley Davis, and Kree Harrison. Three of the girls are angry at Haley Davis for deciding she had to go to bed at 2:30 AM while the rest of them kept rehearsing. When they go in front of the judges, they aren't too happy about one of the group members leaving the others to rehearse without her either. Even so, Haley gets passed to the solo around, along with two other girls from the group. Brandy Neely tried her best, but she is sent packing.

Last up, thank goodness, are The Misfits, featuring the psycho Nicki Minaj loves to watch, Kez Ban. She is absolutely bonkers, but when she goes on stage, she actually doesn't sing half bad. She's no Celine Dion, but she doesn't suck as badly as Breanna Steer. Angela Miller rocks yet again and Janelle Arthur gives another good performance as well. At the end of their performance, Nicki Minaj gives the group a standing ovation. She actually says they are "perfection" and is love again with her kooky girlfriend Kez Ban.

In my opinion, passing through all of the girls in this group (especially Breanna and Kez), makes me start doubting the sanity of the American Idol judges...

That's it for tonight! Join us here again tomorrow night for our live American Idol recap of the last Hollywood Round!

02.14.2013 / 10:27 AM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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