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Glee’s Top 5 Most Romantic Moments Ever — Which Is YOUR Fave?

Picking your favorite romantic moment on Glee is a little like picking your favorite ice cream flavor: How can you choose when they’re all so amazing? And while there’s no doubt that Thursday’s Season 4, Episode 14: “I Do” will provide even more tear-worthy scenes, we thought we’d get into the Valentine’s spirit by picking out the five romantic scenes in Glee history that have made us squeal the most. Let us know if you agree!

5. Finn proposes to Rachel. (Season 3, Episode 10: “Yes/No”)

We loved Will’s (Matthew Morrison) proposal to Emma (Jayma Mays), since it was cute and playful and so Will, but as far as romance is concerned, Finn’s (Cory Monteith) simple but moving proposal to Rachel (Lea Michele) takes the (wedding) cake. And while Finchel never actually made it down the aisle, nothing can diminish the power of Finn calling Rachel his “beacon of light” before getting down on one knee. (And if Rachel doesn’t end up marrying Finn eventually, that just means he’s available for us, right?)

4. Finchel and Klaine’s first times (Season 3, Episode 5: “The First Time”)

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There are so many different ways that these two first times could have been handled, but we can’t imagine a more perfect way than this, with the two couples interwoven with a scene from West Side Story. We’re just hoping that Klaine and Finchel’s relationships end up better than Tony and Maria’s did.

3. Finn tells Rachel “I love you” for the first time. (Season 1, Episode 22: “Journey”)

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When we first ranked our most-romantic Glee moments around this time last year, this one was number one. Sure, it’s fallen a bit since then (sorry, Finchel fans!), but it’s not hard to see — after all this time — why it still remains in our top three. Okay, so maybe telling someone you love them right before they have to sing in front of a huge audience isn’t the best way to help them stay focused, but this moment still gives us so many chills that we often have to put on not one but two sweaters after thinking about it.

2. The very first Kliss! (Season 2, Episode 16: “Original Song”)

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Klaine might not be together right now, but we will never stop loving them together... and hoping that they might reconcile! And this was the moment that started it all, with Blaine (Darren Criss) telling Kurt (Chris Colfer), “There you are,” and then the two smooching in a way that made our hearts all skip a beat. Then again, our hearts skip so many beats while watching these two, it might be time for us to invest in a defibrillator. (Clear!)

1. One word: Landslide. (Season 2, Episode 15: “Sexy”)

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It’s amazing that we can feel Brittana’s love without them having to make a ton of big, cheesy romantic gestures to each other, but at the same time, we do love when they let down their walls with each other in ways they never do around other people. That’s why Season 2’s performance of “Landslide,” and Santana (Naya Rivera) telling Brit afterward that this is how she feels, makes us cry about as much as Alice does in Alice in Wonderland where her tears fill the entire room and she floats away. Brittana might not be together right now, but this moment is still one that we'll never forget.

I totally have a favorite!

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