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Jenelle Evans Debuts New Dreamcatcher Belly Button Ring! (PHOTO)

Do you ever find yourself looking at Jenelle Evans's belly button and think, "You know what would look really amazing with that enormous stomach tattoo? A giant dreamcatcher." Well, today is your lucky day.

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Our girl Jenelle has taken a break from chain smoking, tanning, and looking glamorous to buy some gorgeous new tummy bling. And yes, said bling is a dream catcher, and yes it has feathers. Because why attach them to your head when you can stick them in your navel, right guys?

FYI, the purpose of dreamcatchers is to catch bad dreams. Most people stick them above their bed, but we appreciate the fact that Jenelle's taking things to a whole new level by affixing one to her body. Girlfriend takes dreamcatching super seriously, and so does her belly button.

Hopefully, this festive stomach accessory will help Jenelle sleep through the night, and we're thinking we might go ahead and buy one as well. Frankly, we'll do anything to stop our recurring nightmares about Kieffer flashing his butt-crack in the parking lot of Planet Fun.

02.14.2013 / 08:51 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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