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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Doesn’t Remember the First Time She Had Sex! (VIDEO)

JWOWW has done some crazy things in her life, and although most of them have been caught on camera, there are a few key life moments that the Jersey Shore guidette can’t remember.

During a fun Q&A that she and Snooki did with Celebuzz, the engaged lady admitted that she doesn’t remember who she lost her virginity to!

“Everyone says they’re supposed to remember,” Jenni revealed. “Is it bad if I don’t remember?”

Whoa, now! We’re a little surprised. However, Snooks was quick to remind her.

“I remember!” Snooki chimed in, adding, “It’s probably because you slept with too many men.”

Well, Jenni is an engaged woman now and her crazy days are behind her. She probably doesn’t remember because no one was important until Roger, right?

Are you surprised that JWOWW doesn’t remember her first time? Sound off below.

Source: Celebuzz