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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Wants to Have a Baby: “I Probably Will End Up Having a Kid Before Marriage!” (VIDEO)

JWOWW made it very clear that she wanted a diamond ring from her boyfriend, Roger, and now that she’s got it, she’s revealing it may be a while until the two tie the knot.

“If I was to get married, it might be this summer,” she told Snooki in a bonus MTV "Tea Time" clip. But if she can’t plan a wedding by the summertime, it may be quite a while until she walks down the aisle — perhaps even nine months!

“If not, I’m probably gonna wait,” JWOWW said. “I probably will end up having a kid before marriage!”

Snooki doesn’t hide that this excites her. We’re assuming its because she wants a new friend for little Lorenzo (besides his Baby Einstein, that is).

“I feel like that’s easier than planning a f—ing wedding!” JWOWW exclaimed with a laugh.

Well, after seeing Snooki go through childbirth, we think being a wedding planner might be a little easier. What do you think? Tell us below!

Source: MTV

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