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Revenge Season 2: Will Daniel and Emily Get Back Together Now That Helen’s Dead?

Revenge was a total sob-fest in last Sunday’s episode, “Union.” First we had to sit through Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke’s pipe cleaner hippie wedding, and then Daniel Grayson master poet broke poor Emily Thorne’s heart again.

In order to keep Ems safe from The Initiative and Helen Crowley, Danny Boy broke up with his lady love. But thanks to Mama Grayson, Helen is no longer a threat (considering she took a bullet straight to the chest).

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In the promo for next week’s episode, “Sacrifice,” we see Conrad and Daniel rolling up Helen’s body in the pool house rug, but the only dead thing we care about now is the greatness that is Demily.

Will he go back to his former fiancée now that Helen’s out of the picture? Probably. Danny can’t seem to keep away from this blonde beauty.

Should Daniel and Emily get back together? Tell us below!