Sean Lowe’s Fiancee Frustrated By No Sex Rule: “She’s Dying To Do It”
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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe’s Fiancee Frustrated By No Sex Rule: “She’s Dying To Do It”

Word on the street is that Sean Lowe is engaged (click here to find out which Bachelor babe got his final rose!), but there's just one problem. Sean is celibate. Basically, he's a beautiful, virginal angel who refuses to sow his wild oats in his fiancee's lady pastures until they're man and wife.

“Sean doesn’t want to have sex until he’s married,” a source tells Us Weekly. “He’s a ‘born-again-virgin.’ It’s very important to him.”

Unfortunately, Sean's fiancee isn't able to bridle her passions — girlfriend is desperate to make it official with Sean Lowe! “She wasn’t celibate going into The Bachelor, so this is a big change," the source says. "She’s dying to do it. Waiting is tough!”

Sigh, tells us about it. We've been patiently waiting to get frisky with Sean for years.

So, when will this shirtless stud agree to have sex? “They’re waiting until the finale airs and they can make their public debut as a couple before deciding on any next steps,” the source continues. “Sean and his fiancée want to see how they work in the real world.”

This is the saddest story we've heard all day. Give the women what they want, Sean.

Source: Us Weekly