Snooki and JWOWW Reveal Their First Loves — But There’s A Catch! (VIDEO)
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Jersey Shore

Snooki and JWOWW Reveal Their First Loves — But There’s A Catch! (VIDEO)

Snooki and JWOWW are typical girls, which means they have plenty of stories about their crushes, first loves, and heartbreak. And in a recent chat with Celebuzz, the dynamic duo revealed that they both fell in love with ridiculously handsome men way back in the ‘90s!

When asked about their first celebrity crushes, Jenni dished first, saying, “Probably Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.”

Snooki quickly followed up with her No. 1 man: “Devon Sawa from Casper,” she dished, which JWOWW immediately agreed to with a gasp.

“I kissed the screen!” Snooki remembers. (So, yes, Devon, you can keep her.)

JWOWW also revealed she crushed on Erik von Detten, who starred in many Disney Channel movies and played popular Josh Bryant in The Princess Diaries. And why did she love him? He “had sexy hair,” natch!

Wait a second — neither of their crushes are juiceheads, Italian, or tan. Are we talking about the same Snooki and JWOWW we know and love from Jersey Shore? My oh my, times have changed!

Are you surprised by Snooki and JWOWW’s first crushes? Sound off below!

Source: Celebuzz