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The Bachelor

Stars of The Bachelor and Bachelorette Share Their Worst-Ever Dates!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Bachelor/ette fans! While you get all gussied up for that hot V-Day date you have tonight, you might be feeling some nerves. But rest assured, the guys and gals of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have horror stories that will make any date seem swoon-worthy by comparison.

At a recent press gathering, Chicago Sun-Times critic Lori Rackl had the ingenious idea to ask Sean, Emily, Courtney, Trista, and others to spill on dates of yesteryear that went terribly awry.

The current Bachelor heartthrob landed a date with the girl of his dreams in high school, and took her to the movies on a double date. But during the previews, his stomach started churning.

“I had to dart out of the movie theater,” he admits. “I threw up everywhere: my pants, my shirt, my shoes.”

Even worse, he totally bailed on the date, leaving it to his mom to take the girl’s call and explain the situation.

The Bachelor winner went on a Halloween date on the recommendation of a friend. But at some point during the evening, she opened a door, and her date popped out in a Scream-like mask, yelling like a banshee.

“It just got worse from there,” Courtney says. “I never returned his texts.”

The fifth Bachelorette’s lousiest date took place in her homeland, Canada, where she was working at a restaurant at the time. After a 4’6” patron kept badgering her for a date, she finally relented and went out with him.

After finishing their dinner at a remote Indian restaurant, the man stood up and publicly declared his undying love for her — on their first date. “I wanted to die,” Jillian confesses.

Emily Maynard

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The unlucky-in-love Bachelorette knew her date was doomed when the guy was rude to their waitress. “That’s a telltale sign of a bad person,” she says. “He left her very little tip. I went back the next day, apologized, and gave her a big tip.”

For the original Bachelorette, a date with a lawyer years ago was going surprisingly well. He even gave her a back massage... but then kept massaging and massaging. “He rubbed my shoulders so much in the same spot it was raw in the morning,” she says.

The future Bachelorette No. 4 thought that her rock-star fantasy would be fulfilled when she went on a date with a musician during college. However, with rock stars come rock-star-sized egos. “He just talked nonstop the entire time,” she says. “Didn’t care to know a thing about me.”

Source: Chicago Sun-Times