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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013 Hot Mess of the Week: Tierra LiCausi

Talking about Tierra LiCausi is kind of like entering a Haunted House full of Yorkshire Terrier zombies, severed frozen toes, booty shorts, and rogue eyebrows flying around like bats. In other words, it's super scary and we need to hold your internet hand.

Sadly, Tierra has left the bosom of Bachelor Nation thanks to her most recent mental breakdown, which took place on a cot. Because her sparkle is too sparkly for plebeian beds.
But before you judge Tierra, please remember that she can't control her eyebrows. SHE CAN'T CONTROL THEM. But ironically, her eyebrows control her inner sparkle, and it's all super complicated and meta. All we know is that one of Tierra's parents is a unicorn and the other one is Danielle Staub.

Unfortunately, Tierra's hot messiness peaked when Sean Lowe wandered into her Chamber of Secrets and she broke down into a fit of ugly-crying / dry-heaving on his shoulder. But then? Then he kicked her out and she spent her entire limo ride shrieking about glitter and sparkles. In fact, the cameramen were so horrified that they actually started filming each other instead of her.

Sigh, there's no doubt that Tierra was living in an alternate universe of sinister staircases and hypothermia, but we'll miss her even more than we miss Sean's christmas sweater circa Montana.

02.15.2013 / 12:39 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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