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Beauty and the Beast Spoilers: Valentine’s Day Romance and a Game-Changing Death – Exclusive

It’s Valentine’s Day on Beauty and the Beast, but with Vincent’s (Jay Ryan) former fiancée Alex (Bridget Regan) back in his life it’s not looking like Cat’s (Kristin Kreuk) going to make this Hallmark Holiday easy for her admirer.

At a recent screening of tonight’s episode, we talked to exec producer Brian Peterson about the wooing of Catherine that Vincent has to do to make up for dividing his attention between her and another woman, as well as what’s to come for the star-crossed lovers.

Expect some fun and unexpected moments, as Vincent tries to win back Catherine’s affection with the help of Google genius JT (Austin Basis). “We thought some of the fun was two guys trying to figure out what’s romantic and trying clichés that we all think are ridiculous,” says Peterson. “Vincent making this huge gesture is probably not something he would do in a million years, but seeing Catherine enjoy it is what he was going for. We thought it was the perfect thing.”

But no roses or romantic overtures can quick-fix their breach of trust. “They have a lot of issues now,” says Peterson. “If he just ran back to somebody that quickly, Cat’s going to be reticent to let him just run right back to her, as we’ll see, especially in the next episode.”

And just when you think chocolate and roses can fix it all, there are more challenges ahead. “In the next four or five episodes every other part of the show starts to implode on them, and the external world comes in right when they’re trying to figure their relationship out.”

Peterson teases a death that will shake things up majorly. “The tragedy of Vincent’s nature and instinct to protect switches everything up,” he says. “What happens after Vincent has killed somebody is that it will galvanize a certain group of people on the show against the vigilante and motivate their need to destroy him.”

But fans concerned that Vincent’s murderous nature will be what breaks the camel’s back should not worry. He’ll find his strongest ally in Catherine. “She would [question it] were it not for the person that Vincent’s protecting when he does kill,” says Peterson, even teasing that he’s now done trying to interrupt their attempts to kiss. “That will happen very, very soon, and we’re not going to pull them apart before they kiss again.”

Not that it’s blue skies ahead. “What happens when two people fall in love but they have everything try to pull them apart?” says Peterson. “And when their love is so strong that they’re willing to do almost anything to protect each other, how do they overcome their actions after that?”

02.15.2013 / 04:05 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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