Catherine Giudici’s Valentine’s Day Tips: Jewelry and Sex Toys
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The Bachelor

Catherine Giudici’s Valentine’s Day Tips: Jewelry and Sex Toys

At this point, Catherine Giudici basically has a PhD in love. Which is kinda what happens when you spend your waking hours fondling Sean Lowe's six-pack on The Bachelor. This lady has romance on the brain now that Valentine's Day is upon us, and she's rounded up five romantic must-haves for the steamiest day of the year!

1. Listen to Music!
Catherine suggests that you take your honey out to a jazz club or lounge for some relaxed tunes. "Jazz is always associated with passion in my book and you can’t overdose on that vibe on V-Day," she writes in her Seattleite column.

2. Get a Massage!
Time to break out the credit card and hire your sweetheart a professional masseuse! Or you can oil up your hands and do the dirty work yourself....

3. Give Your Gal Some Jewelry!
Want to impress your lady-friend? Catherine suggests that guys up the ante with a pink diamond stunner — not to be confused with an engagement ring! "Not all ladies expect the ring on Valentine’s Day, but a ring wouldn’t hurt," she says. Pink diamonds are soooo in right now, so not only will she see how serious you are about her, you’ll get cool points too. Now, that is cupidity."

4. Buy a Pet!
Catherine wants you to buy a pet for Valentine's Day. That is all. "If you are at the point in your relationship where you’re ready for another step but not, you know, there yet, a pet is a perfect addition to your family," she says. "Anyone can learn from the responsibility of another being in your care, and to do it together?"

5. Grab Some Sex Toys!
Catherine's final tip? Spice things up in the bedroom with some sex toys! "Let’s get personal for a sec," she says. "Now of course you have your patented moves, and of course your sweetheart loves them, but there’s more than one way to make a bed squeak…"

Wow, Sean is in for a treat if he picks this gal!

Source: Seattleite