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Cory Monteith’s Perfect Valentine’s Day: Dinosaurs and Video Games!

Cory Monteith (Finn) and Lea Michele (Rachel) have been dating for at least an entire year, and let's just say this gal is one lucky lady. Why? Because her man takes Valentine's Day super seriously. And he has a very specific idea of what constitutes romance. Namely, dinosaurs and video games.

Yep, Cory is giving flowers and chocolates a big ol' F-U this year! In fact, when his friends Tegan & Sara asked about his ultimate V-Day experience, he responded, "I guess everything that every kid wanted, except there was a lot of dinosaurs and video games mixed in." Which is a totally normal response to this question.... Not.

So, does Cory still think being a dino-obsessed gamer is romantic? Absolutely. "Probably," he said. "Dinosaurs and video games. My girlfriend's really stoked on it."

By the way, Lea and Cory didn't spend Valentine's Day together this year (Cory was busy filming Glee), which might be for the best. Poor girl probably begged Ryan Murphy to sequester him in the studio just to avoid a night full of Halo.

Source: SheWired