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Jersey Shore

JWOWW Reveals That She Plans to Get Pregnant “After September” (VIDEO)

For Snooki, there wasn’t any plan to get pregnant, but she’s totally in love with her 5-month old son, Lorenzo, and wouldn’t change a thing. However, JWOWW is taking a different route, planning out her road to motherhood very carefully.

During an MTV "Tea Time" segment, Jenni revealed that if she doesn’t get married this summer, she and Roger may start trying to get pregnant “after September.”

So, why wait until the fall? She’s learned from Snooki’s experience!

“I just want to get through the summer,” JWOWW said. “Because I do not want to be you, pregnant in the summer. I felt so bad for you every single day, in Seaside.”

Looking back at the final season of Jersey Shore, we remember a very pregnant Snooki waddling around in the hot summer air — and she definitely wasn’t very happy.

However, Snooks tried explaining that if Jenni gets pregnant in September, she’ll still be pregnant in the summer. But JWOWW was already a step ahead of her, doing the math in her head.

“I’ll have it by May; I’ve got it all planned out,” Jenni said, which made Snooki proud of her BFF. “That’s good you’re planning,” the young mama replied. “You’re already a good mom!”

Aww, well here’s to hoping that Lorenzo has a new bestie by 2014! Do you think JWOWW will be a good mom? Sound off below.

Source: MTV

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