Kim Kardashian’s Lawyer: Kris Humphries’ is Holding Her Hostage!
Credit: Ian Gavan/Getty Images for MTV    
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Kim Kardashian’s Lawyer: Kris Humphries’ is Holding Her Hostage!

There’s no end in sight in the divorce battle between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, and now Kim’s lawyer is blaming Kris for all the delays! In recently filed court documents obtained by E! News, Kim’s lawyer Laura Wasser says that Kris "cannot continue to hold the Court and [Kim Kardashian] hostage.”

Kim has made it very clear that she wants to settle her split with Kris as soon as possible, especially since her first child, with boyfriend Kanye West, is due in July. But Kris and his legal team have thrown up roadblock after roadblock, and lawyer Laura isn’t having it anymore. Here are her complaints:

First, Kim is reportedly ready to be deposed at any time, but Kris is insisting that he be present and says that his schedule won’t that until at least May.

Second, Kris’ legal team is claiming they’re not ready to go to trial because of "uncooperative third parties,” in this case, the producers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kris’ lawyers requested the show’s raw footage, and the producers filed an immediate objection. Apparently Kris’ lawyers never responded to that objection, but are still blaming the producers for holding things up.

Finally, Laura has some problems with the overall goal of Kris’ legal case. He "complains that he was portrayed badly in the television shows he appeared on and is now trying to use this divorce action to establish this by 'exposing' reality television," she wrote. "This is a misuse of the judicial process; and one for which my client should not have to bear the costs."

Well, if Kim has her way, Kris will be bearing those costs anyway, right Laura?

Source: E! News