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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Burning Question: Why Did CeCe Lie About Wilden?

We've always known that CeCe (Vanessa Ray) is a lying liar who lies on Pretty Little Liars, but claiming not to even know Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) when she went on a freakin’ boat trip with him really takes the cake.

Why didn't she tell the Liars the truth? The answer may reveal a lot about her character. So, of course, we had to take some time to think about the potential reasons she has for lying, and what they would mean for her as a character.

She didn't trust them. If CeCe is merely a mean girl, not an actual bad guy, the answer could simply be that she doesn't truly trust the Liars, and wasn't sure what they'd do with the information.

She's scared of Wilden. Alison (Sasha Pieterse) seemed really scared of whoever got her pregnant, and it's looking more and more like Wilden was the baby daddy. If Wilden really is the kind of guy who'd hurt Ali if he found out about her pregnancy, he also might be the type to hurt CeCe for blabbing about it. Maybe she kept her mouth shut out of self preservation.

She doesn't want her involvement in the situation to come out. She could be keeping quiet because she's afraid the truth makes her seem like a prime suspect in Ali's death. Maybe she's guilty, maybe she's not. But in either case, she might think that it's better to keep quiet.

She's working with Wilden. Maybe she's not scared of Wilden at all. Maybe she's on their side. Whether they're co-conspirators or potentially even lovers, perhaps CeCe's trying to protect him.

She's on the "A" team. Maybe she's on the "A" team (or even the head of it!), and the Liars finding out about Wilden isn't on the team's agenda just yet, whether because they're working with Wilden, or for some other reason.

Why do you think CeCe lied? Let us know in the comments below!

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