The 10 Most Romantic Moments in Grey’s Anatomy History
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Grey's Anatomy

The 10 Most Romantic Moments in Grey’s Anatomy History

time to look at the lovey-dovey Grey's Anatomy moments. Not all of these couples made it in the long run, but their chemistry certainly made for some memorable sparks, if not fireworks. Here are our picks for the top 10 moments in which Cupid's arrows hit bulls-eyes.

10. Richard States His Case
Sometimes it's better to state in absolute terms than to ask. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) did just this when he showed up on Adele's doorstep to win her back and restore their marriage. He told her that he's a good man to everyone but her, but he's still a good man and her loving husband. "I'm telling you: I'm your husband, and I want to come home to my wife." "Well," Adele said, "it's about time." The Chief: romantic badass.

9. Jackson goes all in. April Kepner (Sarah Drew) thought she was pregnant, so what did Jackson (Jesse Williams) do? Declare he was all in, of course! A wedding with butterflies, a house with a yard, kids. We have faith they'll wind up there eventually, even though the pregnancy was a false alarm.

8. Breathless Cristina
Cristina is not typically one to wear her heart on her sleeve. Like, at all. So when she does talk about "feelings," it must be important. When Owen walked in on her at the steam vent, she told him that she loves him. "Me. Cristina Yang." It's a surprise even to herself. She blamed him for being dashing and heroic and completely "love"-able. Then she says it: "I can't breathe... without you." And it's Cristina saying this. You know she doesn't bandy words like these around.

7. Denny Gives His (New) Heart
The first time Denny proposed, it was under cardiac distress, so Izzie (Katherine Heigl) gave him an out. But post-op Denny proposed again. Izzie started arguing about how they should date first and yadda yadda yadda, but then Denny shut her up and presented his case, telling her that he gets to make choices now and that he chooses her. And Izzie ended up saying yes. "Now you're gonna make my heart stop beating," Denny said, "and it's brand new." We couldn't blame the guy — we were feeling some palpitations, too.

6. A Post-It Wedding
Mer and Der planned on having a huge, beautiful, traditional wedding; but when Izzie's health took a turn for the worse, they sacrificed it all to give her and Alex a perfect day. And instead of starting from scratch, they took to a scratchpad and wrote their vows to each other. Unconventional? Yes. Legitimate? No. Romantic? Absolutely. And we're sure the Post-It people enjoyed the good publicity.

5. Arizona Sees the Silver Lining
Callie could not have chosen a worse day to surprise Arizona with a birthday party; Arizona had just lost a young patient, and all she wanted was to go home to collapse. But instead she was ambushed with well-wishers, so she fled. When she got back, Callie was asleep on the couch. Callie woke up, looking super-sexy in her lingerie and glittery hat, and started babbling about doughnuts and kazoos. In that moment, Arizona saw that she was the one. And so she said those magic three words.

4. An Elevator Love Story
Derek's long-anticipated proposal — you know, once he was done bumming around drunk in the woods — was worth the wait. He showed Meredith the whole chronology of their relationship through the brain scans of the cases they worked on. And this all happened in the one place where breakups and makeups happen most often: the elevator.

3. Mark Tells Lexie He Loves Her — One Last Time
This moment is completely heartbreaking, but it's also romantic. You know, in a heartbreaking way. "I have always been in love with you. I will always be in love with you," Mark (Eric Dane) told a dying Lexie (Chyler Leigh) while gripping her hands. "We're going to be so happy. So you can't die, okay? You can't die. Because we're supposed to end up together. We're meant to be." Sob.

2. Alex & Izzie's Wedding
On the day of Meredith and Derek's wedding, Mer told Izzie that the wedding dress wasn't her wedding dress, and Izzie didn't understand her gist until Alex showed up in a tux looking like the consummate groom. All the docs gathered at the church for the ceremony, smiley and well-dressed. Mer was Alex's best man, Cristina was Izzie's maid of honor, and George helped Izzie down the aisle. Alex talked in his vows about becoming a man, and he and Izzie kissed even before they were supposed to. Cute, cute, cute. Would never fly in real life. But cute.

1. Meredith Goes All In
In the throes of Derek's indecision about divorcing Addison, Meredith suddenly came to her senses and decided to fight for her right to love. She found Derek in the scrub room, told him she loved him and described how much. (Our favorite example is that she'd let him eat the last piece of cheesecake because, seriously, dude — that's devotion.) And then she told him to pick her, choose her, love her. Like we've said before, it's the most enduring snippet of dialogue, and for good reason: it's simple but potent. Nice elocution, Mer.

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