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Jersey Shore

The Situation Reveals He’s Cooking Valentine’s Day Dinner For WHO? The Answer May Surprise You!

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino isn’t known for staying in relationships for long, but we were still surprised to find out how he’s spending Valentine’s Day.

The sexy guido is single and ready to mingle (bye, Paula!) but he’s still cooking up a storm on Cupid’s favorite day. But who is the lucky lady?

Yesterday, he tweeted:

Yep — it’s his family, not a lovely lady friend! While it’s cute that he’s a family man, he doesn’t seem entirely happy about his plans. Today, he wrote, “Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Hope it’s a good one...” with no smiley faces or happiness to be seen. We hope that he’s not too down in the dumps tonight.

Are you surprised that Mike and Paula didn’t reunite and that he’s dateless on Valentine’s Day? Sound off below.