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Why Glee’s Jarley Should Die — Their Relationship, At Least

We are pretty much the last people on earth who would scorn a cute couple. In fact, we were rooting for teams Wemma, Finchel, Klaine, and Brittana before Bram was even a twinkle in Ryan Murphy’s eye. We went on a hunger strike when Samcedes didn’t get back together. But we gotta tell you, we’re just not on board the good ship Jarley.

It’s not their fault! Jake (Jacob Artist) and Marley (Melissa Benoist) are both very attractive and have great chemistry together. But we sort of feel that, in order for a couple to be worth shipping, they need to face some actual obstacles.

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Like, for example, one person pining after the other for two seasons — here’s lookin’ at you, Rachel (Lea Michele)! Or a forbidden love. Remember when Will (Matthew Morrison) was married to Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig)? Even an LGBT couple like Klaine or Brittana, or a biracial couple like Samcedes — in other words, a pairing not everyone is accepting of — qualifies a couple as “shippable.”

The point is, there’s gotta be something standing in the way. Why? Because rooting for a winning team gets boring pretty quickly. And that’s precisely the problem with Jake and Marley: their utter lack of conflict.

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Other than a minor fling Marley had with Ryder (Blake Jenner) — which was over before it began — has there really been any significant conflict keeping two apart? Jake liked Marley, Marley liked Jake, now they’re dating. YAWN.

With nothing substantial ever really keeping them apart, we’re not sure why we’d invest much time caring that they’re together. Now, if they were to break up — particularly over a huge misunderstanding or an external influence rather than a simple lack of compatibility — well, then we might get on board. Until then, we’ll probably be sneaking in our bathroom or snack breaks during their shmoopy love scenes.

So we think the relationship needs to die. But, hey, that’s just us. What do you think about Jarley? Do you love them as a couple, hate them or — like us — feel wholly indifferent?

02.15.2013 / 08:50 AM EDT by Amber Garrett
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