American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips’ Family Troubles – Will He Help?
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American Idol

American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips’ Family Troubles – Will He Help?

Sadly, celebrity DUIs in Hollywood are a dime a dozen, but for Phillip Phillips’ mom, Sheryl, finding her way into the pokey happened in the tiny town of Albany, Georgia. According to TMZ, local law enforcement officials pulled her over after an undercover unit saw Sheryl’s van swerving across lanes of traffic. P2’s mom was then unable to complete her sobriety test.

It hasn’t been a banner year for the “Home” singer’s family, as they first lost their pawn shop (which we saw during his Idol audition) that had been in their family for 24 years. Then news came last week that his parents were splitting. The most shocking part of all this was that the seemingly super sweet and humble singer allegedly left his parents “high and dry” when it came to helping them to financially save the shop.

As TMZ noted, “According to Phillips family sources, the family's especially hurt by the singer's radio silence -- since they spent a ton of money on travel expenses so they could see Phillip compete on ‘Idol.’”

All of this makes us ask, just who is Phillip Phillips? We’ve seen his smiling face everywhere we’ve turned this last year, with live performances all over the U.S. and the fact that “Home” became the unofficial anthem for the Summer Olympics. But do we really know him?

If you hadn’t guessed from his Southern accent, Phillip was born in Albany, Georgia, and moved to Leesburg when he was twelve. He attended Lee County High School, following that up with Albany Technical College. He missed his graduation due to his Idol obligations, but did get a degree in Industrial Systems Technology.

In 2009, he formed the Phillip Phillips Band (sounds eerily familiar to his sound-alike, Dave Matthews) with music mentor Benjamin Neil and brother-in-law Todd Urick. The group performed at various events and many local venues, which likely contributed to his professionalism on stage.

Interestingly enough, both he and runner-up, Jessica Sanchez, auditioned for America’s Got Talent, and both were rejected. P2 never even got in front of the NBC judges! Betcha someone lost their job over that one.

You might have heard this one already, but the Idol winner was rushed to the hospital for possible kidney stones after his Top 13 performance. Ultimately, he had eight surgeries while he was on the show. Although his health issues were mostly kept from the viewers, reports say he considered leaving due to the constant pain he endured.

Overall, It seems as normal a path as any, but it certainly makes one wonder why the seemingly gracious singer wouldn’t bail out his parents in their time of need (if the rumors are, indeed, true), especially considering he worked at the pawn shop before his big break. We have to admit, we’re curious, so we’ll be doing some digging.

What do you think of Phillip Phillips?

Sources: ABC News, TMZ, Access Hollywood,, The Albany Journal

02.16.2013 / 08:30 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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