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Castle Season 5: Three Reasons Alexis Castle Won’t Die

The latest promo for Castle aired Monday, February 11, 2013 and we were hit with the realization that Alexis Castle’s life will be in danger. Almost immediately, there were rumors of Molly Quinn possibly leaving the show, as we’ve never seen her character in such treacherous territory. Will she survive Season 5, Episode 15: “Target”?

While we have an idea on how the story may play out, we’ve come up with three reasons why Alexis won’t die.

3. Someone’s Got to Take Care of Castle

If we had to choose between Martha and Alexis for who would take better care of Rick, we'd choose Alexis in a heartbeat. The fact that Alexis decided to go Columbia University to stay close to her family shows just how committed she is. She’s always keeping an eye on her father. So much so, that at times we even forget that she’s the daughter and he’s the parent. And for someone like Rick, who had an actress for a mother and an absentee dad, we gathered that he definitely needs a more “stable” family member in his life.

2. Two Castle Brains Are Better Than One

Alexis is smart. And not just book smart, this girl is almost an all-around genius. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s got some of Rick Castle’s virtuoso-like flair either. And this is why Alexis can’t go anywhere. Whenever Castle gets stumped on a case, he needs that added push to help him break through. Combine the fact that she’s interned with Lanie in the medical examiner’s office, and we’ve got the makings of another female investigator. If ever Kate gets pregnant, we know exactly who to call!

1. Molly Quinn Isn’t Leaving the Show Anytime Soon

When the rumor mill caught wind of the promo featuring Ms. Castle being abducted Taken-style, many fans thought that this episode would be the open door for Molly to exit stage right. This rumor, however, was dispelled after TVLine announced that Molly wasn’t going anywhere. Crisis averted.

Do you think Alexis should stay on the show? Tell us your thoughts!

02.16.2013 / 03:00 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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