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Dani Shay and Girlfriend Ali Stroker: Moving to L.A or Staying in NYC? — Exclusive

Dani Shay watched her girlfriend, Ali Stroker, make her big debut on Glee’s Season 4, Episode 14 Valentine’s episode, and Dani even scored a background role on the show herself.

Yet while the two lovebirds, both former contestants on The Glee Project Season 2, have both appeared on the small screen, Dani tells Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively that neither of them are ready to leave their homes in New York City and move to Hollywood.

Nope, Dani and Ali are both keeping quite busy at home in NYC! Dani previously opened up about how she and Ali fell in love, and now she gives us the details on what’s next for them in the future.

You and Ali officially announced your relationship in the music video for your song “One.” What was the reaction like? How did it feel?
We had a really high intention when we released the video that people would get something out of it, that it would impact people, that they would just feel it in their heart. But I didn't expect almost all of the feedback to be so positive.

There was very little negative response, and it was great to feel that. And as it spreads more and gets more attention, I'm just really interested to see what people get out of it. The ultimate thing we really wanted to talk about is our little slogan now that when we sign posters together, we'll write, “Love is limitless.” Because it is.

We’re really glad that you two are so happy. Beyond “One,” what are you doing? What's the rest of the EP about?
Oh, in the EP, we have a little song that we sang together, a duet of “Let It Snow.” And then, I revamped one of my older songs called “Holding On,” and we re-recorded it, reproduced it. And it was one of the first songs that I ever recorded, one of the first songs that I ever wrote, and my very first music video. So it was really cool to rediscover that song and feel it now in my new space and my new life and kind of feel a new meaning in it.

What was the new meaning?
It was more hopeful and less like a desperate holding on. It's more like a perseverance, I'm going to keep holding in and that kind of thing.

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Do you think that just comes with age, or the fact that you've had these bigger life experiences like The Glee Project, falling in love, that kind of thing?
I feel like it has come from a mix of all of that, like the new experiences and also the new understanding that I have of myself and the way that my mind works. I don't feel that it's very productive to like cling and desperately hold on, but I definitely feel that it's so positive and so hopeful to maintain a perseverant attitude and keep striving towards the things you want.

Have you put acting on the back burner?
That's a good question. That is something that I, right in this moment, these last couple of weeks have really been assessing. I definitely feel like this year, I'm sort of starting from scratch. I know that, of course, I want to continue doing my music, and I want to do music that inspires people to feel something, inspires people to feel joy, but then, of course, I have that desire to act.

I love to act, and I always have. So I'm not really sure to be honest with you. I think I'm going to sort all of that out in the next couple of weeks here and see where I want to go because Ali, her main goals are, of course, acting and doing musical theater. So we've talked about where we want to go and our goals and that sort of thing without revealing too much.

Do you see Los Angeles in your future, or are you guys quite happy in New York?
I do see L.A. in our future. We were just recently in L.A. I got to actually spend a couple weeks there, and it was really nice to explore and to see what my life can feel like there. Now I've got an idea of how cool that can be, and of course, I really like life in New York.

And the other Glee Project vets, is that a group that you will be friends with forever?
Yeah. Probably. We're going to keep looking out for each other and encouraging each other. I want to see all of them doing what they love and not giving up. And any time we're in the same city, it's like, “Let's all have dinner.” We just love to get together and just see where everyone's at and how they're doing.

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