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Kristen Stewart Is “Single” Now, Done With Robert Pattinson? Rumor Patrol

It's been a few minutes, so it's time to revisit Robsten Rumor Land, where the gossip is always fresh but never reliable. Right now, Robert Pattinson is filming down in Australia, and Kristen Stewart has been bowling with Taylor Lautner for his birthday, enjoying an Ellie Goulding concert, and meeting with Jim Sturgess to prepare for their new film.

A couple of weeks ago, Radar Online had a story saying Kristen and Rob were ready to break up since she felt he was over the relationship. Now Hollywood Life has a story that seems to match up with that, saying their trial separation has led to a complete split. A source reportedly close to Kristen said, “Rob has pushed Kristen away too much — she considers herself single now."

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Gossip Cop, which tends to follow HollywoodLife stories with rebuttals, has talked to its own sources and said there is no trial separation, nothing has changed between Kristen and Rob while they are apart, and no person "close" to Kristen would be talking to the other site. According to Gossip Cop, Robsten are still dating.

But who knows, really. It's all just rumors floating around because they are thousands of miles apart and it leads to speculation. If they do reunite, it may show that long-distance relationships can work, forgiveness is possible after an "indiscretion" and this Twilight love story was meant to last longer than the films. But if they “officially” break up or we just don’t see them together again, well, then these rumors may have been true all along.

Sources: Hollywood Life, Gossip Cop