Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough Romantic Plans Ruined By Plane Emergency!
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Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough Romantic Plans Ruined By Plane Emergency!

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough had a fabulous Valentine’s Day getaway planned, but things did not go exactly as they had hoped when their plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but, unfortunately for Ryan Seacrest, he hadn’t intended on taking girlfriend Julianne Hough to Sin City for Valentine’s Day.

The hopeless romantic host had decided to whisk his Dancing With the Stars girlfriend away to London for Valentine’s Day, but his plans were foiled when their British Airways plane ran into trouble after it left Los Angeles.

A spokesperson for British Airways said of the incident: “Safety is always our top priority and as a precaution, the Captain decided to divert our Los Angeles to London service into Las Vegas, following a suspected technical problem,” a spokesperson for British Airways told MailOnline.

The airplane had to make a “heavy landing,” which means the plane landed without having emptied the fuel tank, at the closest airport. Ryan and Julianne’s unplanned destination? Vegas, baby. Hey, it’s not like it’s Podunk, Nebraska (sorry, cornhuskers). Thankfully, the airline was reportedly kind enough to put up the couple in a local hotel.

Despite telling the media at a recent Safe Haven event that she thought their plans would be relatively low key this year compared to his “over the top” plans of Valentines past, that wasn’t what Ryan had in mind.

In fact, Julianne tweeted a photo of red roses with a cryptic card from Ryan that read, “Happy Valentine’s Day! The plans you think are the plans are not the plans. Don’t be late. I love you.” Seriously, with his schedule, how does this guy have the time?

So much for that whole low key idea! Do you think Ryan was going to pop the question across the Pond?

Source: MailOnline