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Jersey Shore

Snooki Talks Experiencing “Love at First Sight” — And it Wasn’t Jionni or Lorenzo!

Snooki and JWOWW do it all together — they work out, go tanning, and even trade dates for the night to dig up dirt for each other.

And while the pair is absolutely inseparable, they still won’t be having a combined wedding — as they confessed on LIVE! With Kelly & Michael — even though Kelly Ripa called them "the power couple of the series." Sorry, Sam and Ron!

But that doesn't mean that their love is any less pure; in fact, Snooki made quite a reveal during their appearance!

"Right when I met her, I knew I loved her," Snooks told the hosts. "It was just like love at first sight!"

Aww, now that is true friendship. "Best friends forever," Jenni added in, regardless of the arguments the two have. Plus, even though they won’t be sharing a walk down the aisle, they do have one activity that they will always do together!

When Kelly and Michael played a game, asking the besties who would do what in a situation, a fabulous nighttime event came up: karaoke!

"I'd got to get drunk, and she'd go to sing," Jenni said about her and Snooki's adventure. Snooks then chimed in, "Well... and get drunk!"

Can we please come to that karaoke session? We love them. Are you surprised that Snooks said it was “love at first sight”? Sound off below.

Source: LIVE! with Kelly & Michael