The Walking Dead Spoiler: How Dark Will the Governor Get?
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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Spoiler: How Dark Will the Governor Get?

The Governor David Morrissey’s character on The Walking Dead is one dark dude, and his new vendetta against Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) prison group has only made him darker.

Will there be a limit to how far Woodbury’s one-eyed leader will go on his quest for vengeance, or will there be no reasoning with him?

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with David at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ “An Evening With The Walking Dead” on February 5, and the British actor teased Andrea’s (Laurie Holden) role in influencing the “nihilistic” Governor’s trajectory on upcoming episodes.

[I]n the second half of the season, it will all be about whether he listens to the voices of reason in his community people like Andrea and Milton,” David explained. “I think that people know that [Woodbury and the prison group] will come head-to-head with each other. That will be interesting how they come together. I think that’s going to surprise people.”

Digging deeper into the Governor’s relationship with Andrea, David continued, “There has been times when she’s reached this man. He’s done terrible things, but he’s also doing some great things. It’s about which one of those qualities in this man will come to the fore.”

Hope lies in this small sliver of potential for redemption. “Whilst Penny was alive, he had an idea and a plan,” David ventured. “If [Andrea] can get him back onto that wavelength, then maybe there is hope for him, and hope for everyone because nobody wants what’s happening in this hostile community these two communities coming together. No one’s going to win that. So it will be about the voices of reason and both communities being able to have that dialogue and can they live together. Whether they can define their territories in such a way that they can live together that’s what is going to come out.”

But as for whether he’ll end up on the side of “good” or “evil” at least as far as those labels can be applied post-zombie apocalypse — David concluded with an equally nebulous, “You'll have to wait and see.”

02.16.2013 / 06:30 PM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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